For Sellers

When selling your property our awareness and approach will prove invaluable. There is a proven system for selling your home in a timely manner & at the best price. 


• First Impressions Count! Create an appealing environment!

• Spruce up! Store surplus furniture, your home will appear larger.

• Do minor repairs - it will pay off!

• Replace burnt out light bulbs.

• Remove clutter - “when in doubt, throw it out!”

• Organize closets. Make them neat and tidy.

• Tighten doorknobs + cupboard latches, oil squeaking doors.

• Inspect the bathrooms - no leaky faucets, no shabby grout

• Have exterior windows washed.

• Tidy up the garden and exterior walkways.

• Let the sun shine in! Open blinds + curtains.

• Open windows and make the air fresh.

• Classical background music sets a nice tone - TV’s should be off.

• Go out when your home is being shown - Buyers are more relaxed!

• Take your pets for a walk; they can be a big distraction!

• If you are at home, let your Realtor do the talking.

• Be flexible with showing times - consider the Buyer’s schedule!

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