How To Achieve Glorious Flower Blooms


 Now that you have your dream home how do you maintain beautiful blooms? Florida affords their lucky residents 365 days a year of sunny weather which is ideal for keeping flowers year round. The question becomes how to keep one's flowers as pretty and abundantly in bloom as when you first purchased them. I was curious to know how to achieve glorious blooms at the same time as respecting the earth's elements and not upsetting the ecological balance in the soil. After doing some online research I came across a simple recipe of putting banana peels in a blender and blending the concoction with water. It sounded simple enough, the question was would it really produce the results I was looking for and give me flowers that bloomed with enthusiasm? My pansies were all but green leaves without any buds or blooms, it was a painful sight to see. Sure enough within days of pouring the banana peel shake on the flower beds my pansies and other varieties of flowers were producing prolific amounts of blooms. The plants were literally bursting with blooms within a matter of days of the application. Due to the potassium content of the bananas it makes for an ideal nutrient boost to vegetables and flowers alike. Although I have yet to challenge myself to tackle growing roses it is said that roses also benefit from a banana peel feed and enjoy potatoes as well as epsom salts. 
There is nothing quite as satisfying as delighting in the earth's beauty as flowers in all of their glory. 
 One of the most heavenly scents is found in the Gardenia flower. The candy like perfume that wafts through the house when you cut one of it's blooms and place it in a vase by your bedside table is like no other. It's smell is so pungent that it can send a once occupied mind into a blissful and peaceful state. Such is the power of nature and it's beauty can be shared and enjoyed if we only tap into what it needs to flourish.