How to Fix up and Flip Investment Properties in Sarasota, Florida

 Do you think that it has to be expensive to remodel properties? Think again. Focus on getting building materials that are recycled. Let the purchaser buy the items at top price the first time and then buy them at deep discounts from the following stores in Sarasota: Used Stuff, Sarasota Salvage and Habit for Humanity. My favorite store of the three is Used Stuff. It is located at 1404 Central Ave, Sarasota, FL 34236. It is a locally owned store and I have picked up toilets, fridges, light fixtures, tiles, sink faucets and my best purchase was gorgeous slabs of top of the line granite that came with a drop in sink. I had my heart set on a white based granite that would allow me to keep my white appliances in the last remodel.
 I renovated this whole home by going to these three stores and buying the base essentials like flooring and paint from Lowes and Home Depot. My total costs including renovations and labor did not exceed $5000.
 It goes to show that all you need is tenacity and focus and you can make this happen too!
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Note that since the writing of this article Used Stuff has since discontinued their business however there are other sources of preowned construction materials such as Habit for Humanity, Architectual Salvage and Goodwill.